B.Sc. (Geospatial Engineering) at The University of Nairobi - Main Campus

Course B.Sc. (Geospatial Engineering)
Institution The University Of Nairobi
Campus Main Campus
Course Duration 5 Years
Qualification Bachelors Degree
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Entry Requirements

The regulations and entry requirements of the Faculty of Engineering shall apply. Specifics of the same are as outlined below.      In cluster group 1      -   Mathematics, 2      -   Physics, 3      -   Geography,       Group 4 2nd Group II, 2nd Group III,any Group IV,any Group V.  K.C.S.E SUBJECT GROUPING GROUP            ABB    SUBJECT                            SUBJECT SELECTION                        ENG    ENGLISH                              COMPULSORY GROUP I          KIS       KISWAHILI                          COMPULSORY                        MAT    MATHEMATICS                     COMPULSORY                       BIO      BIOLOGY   GROUP II       PHY     PHYSICS                               AT LEAST TWO                       CHE     CHEMISTRY                                  HAG     HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT                       GEG      GEOGRAPHY   GROUP III              CRE       CHRIST. RELIG. EDUCATION        AT LEAST TWO                                   IRE        ISLA RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                    HRE     HINDU RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                    HSC       HOME SCIENCE                                    ARD      ART AND DESIGN   GROUP IV              AGR       AGRICULTURE                               AVT       AVIATION TECHNOLOGY                               CMP      COMPUTER STUDIES                                FRE     FRENCH                                     GER   GERMAN   GROUP V                ARB    ARABIC                                MUS    MUSIC                                BST     BUSINESS STUDIES

Mode of Study

  • Full Time
  • Application Procedure

    Application Procedure