Subjects of Study in Universities and Colleges in Kenya

Subject Description
Mathematics and Statistics The study of quantities through analysis, deduction and calculation - including mathematics, operational research, statistics and computing sciences. View Courses
Engineering and Manufacturing Creation and maintenance of infrastructure - designing, building and maintaining roads, bridges, railway lines, water supply and sewage systems and manufaturing systems. View Courses
Art and Design Creation of visual work, from painting and sculpture to computer graphics and video games - includes crafts and fine art. View Courses
Accounting Financial Records Management View Courses
Agricultural Studies The Study of Agricultural Production - Processes and Value Chain View Courses
Architecture, Building and Construction Design and creation of buildings. Involves the study of the sciences, humanities and fine and applied arts. View Courses
Business and Finance Covers business studies, management studies, finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management and business and administrative studies. View Courses
Communications and Media The study of how we communicate - includes information services, publicity studies, media studies, publishing, journalism and mass communication. View Courses
Community Health & Development Studies involving Community Health Management and Development View Courses
Computing and IT Design, exploitation and technology surrounding computing - includes computer sciences, information systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence. View Courses
Criminology Criminology View Courses
Counselling and Psychology Counseling and Psychology View Courses
Cultural and Gender Studies Cultural studies is an innovative interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that investigates the ways in which “culture” creates and transforms individual experiences, everyday life, social relations and power. View Courses
Front Office Operations Secretarial and Administrative work studies View Courses
Economics The study of what influences income, wealth and wellbeing and how this can be implemented into policy. View Courses
Education and Teaching The study of how people develop and learn - including education studies, undergraduate teacher training and academic studies in education. View Courses
Electronics and Electricals Electronics and Electricals View Courses
History The study of the past - politics, economics, culture, religion and society, including history of art. View Courses
Human Resources The study of managing human resources View Courses
Law and Politics The study of criminal and civil legal systems, government and society - includes criminology, jurisprudence,political thought, institutions, electoral studies. View Courses
Leadership and Management Leadership and Management View Courses
Performing Arts, Film & Music Forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, such as drama, music, and dance. View Courses
Project Management Project Management View Courses
Sciences The systematic study of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. View Courses
Sociology and Social Work Sociology is the study of human societies and how they interact while social studies is how to find practical solutions to protect vulnerable people - includes community studies. View Courses
Records Management and Library Studies Records Management and Library Studies View Courses
Hospitality and Tourism Management Hospitality industry and its global impact, tourism, travel. View Courses
Disaster Managemement Disaster Preparedness and Management View Courses
Religious Studies and Theology The study of religious belief systems, including Christian theology, Islam, Buddhism. View Courses
Supplies Management and Procurement Supplies Management and Procurement Studies View Courses
Aviation and Aeronautics Courses to do with flying, reparing, designing and maintaing aeroplanes View Courses
Languages The study of modern languages, literature and linguistics. View Courses
Development Studies Development Studies View Courses
Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies View Courses
Aquatic Studies The Study of Aquamarine Life View Courses
Health and Medicine Future doctors and nurses study pre-clinical medicine and clinical medicine to maintain health, diagnose and treat disease.The study of medicinal drugs and effects on the body (pharmacology) and management and dispensing of medicines (pharmacy). View Courses
Environmental Studies Processes of the earth, and the relationship between humans and their physical surroundings - physical and environmental sciences, human and social geography. View Courses
Food Sciences and Nutrition Food Sciences and Nutrition Studies View Courses
Veterinary Science Diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury in animals - including clinical veterinary medicine and dentistry and pre-clinical veterinary medicine. View Courses
Sports Studies Scientific study of exercise, health and sport. View Courses
Entrepreneurship The study of starting a business from scratch, which includes everything from idea conception to managing the company for the long term. View Courses
Other Subjects of study not categorised View Courses
International Relations International Relations View Courses