Course Certificate in Customer Service
Institution Beam International Training Centre
Campus Jasho House Campus
Course Length 1 Year
Mode of Study Full Time
Exam Body Kenya National Examinations Council Association of Business Executives Institute of Commercial Management Beam International Training Centre
Tuition Fees Kes. 8,700 per term
Entry Requirement Mean Grade D Plain and Above
Application Procedure Artisan Certificate - KCPE and above Certificate in BTEP/TIVET & TEP D and above Diploma in BTEP/TIVET & TEP C - and above Certificate in BMC - Mean grade of D+ in Math or Commerce & C in English Diploma BMC - Mean grade of C Plain with C in Math or Commerece & C in English Higher Diploma - Acceptable by the examiner Advanced Diploma - Diploma Associate Degree - Advanced Diploma or Higher Diploma or Graduate Diploma N.B        (i) Examination Fees varies with Examination Boby              (ii) Fees provided is the minimum per course 1. Admission Fees kSHS. 1,000                                                        6. Student Card Fees Kshs. 200 2. ID Photocopy                                                                               7. 2 Passport size photographs 3. Copies of Certification                                                                   8. Copy of Birth Certificate 4. Library Fees Kshs. 2,500 per year                                                 9. T-shirt fee Kshs. 1,200 per year 5. Practicals Kshs. 2,000 per term                                                   10. Activity Fee Kshs. 500 per term (Hotel & Catering, Engineering & Journalism)
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